Soon 30 years and still no girlfriend, what to do?

Girls, if I do not please you physically, say the … I want to know if my physical problem.

he problem is can be a lack of trust in you ..

it’s not with a physical that we seduced a woman know it .. but with an attitude, a way of being, a personality, a look, etc .. and if you have the more physical, that’s the bonus .. and this greatly facilitates things .. I admit

I’m lucky to have both ..: P

but you say although a mundane guy with a great personality will have more success than a hunk but certainly con as his feet .. no .. narcissistic character .. etc ..

after that depends on the broads too short .. ..

l ‘Fatal weapon with women is humor .. try to make them laugh, this is the only advice I can give you ..

You put too much pressure on yourself. Wanting too much for women, you forget to live for yourself and you are sinking in the depresses my buddy.Compte not on the others.Some of you do an activity leisure short trips what You like to do.Change you ideas see the world and especially mouse to life and ” keep cool ”. And stop focusing on your physique but affirm you have character defends your opinions and above all polite smiling kind with otherTu do not plairas to everyone but essential that you get to you Plaises meme.Il worse you health, famines and wars in this monde.Joyeux Christmas
GLAJ @ be strong! do not give up and always Positive, smiling and listening to a woman and gallant.Si you see a woman alone carrying the shopping, offers her help …

I just wanted to tell you not to worry. I am also 30 years old (finally 31!) And I have no one in my life. Of course the lack of affection sometimes weighs, but it is enough to know how to take care and, above all, to take care of the only person who will not betray you: yourself.

After, beautiful or not, it is a simple question of look (clothes and hairstyles). If some babes do not care about you, it’s because they’re too familiar to you. Keep yourself for the best … that you will meet without even thinking (expo, concert

What is interesting are not those that make you drool but those that look at you. At worst if really you’re ugly, you offer yourself a vinyl-colored shirt, colorful or not, and after the eyes and the imagination do the rest. As for us as soon as we see a wrapped of matter.

No ? Is that me?

The looks. Who meet you when you have enough confidence. Or who avoid you not to show you that you please them. Anyway if you are at a zero score, it does not help you to make the difficult.


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