What can I do about pain?

It’s almost three weeks since I fell down the stairs. I had a lot of pain but I rested and it was better. Since Monday I work again but the pain returns. The same day I went to the emergency room and the coccyx was not broken. Is there anyone who has had the same thing and can I do something to make it better?
 I got that too. It’s very long to pass, and we do not always see on the radio if there is a fracture (which can be very small …) Get put off work if you can, and rest Waiting for it to be repaired.

I am a young woman well in my skin, I happen to have a big ass and I am proud?

I like wearing tight jeans or wearing strings, put my buttocks in evidence. The problem is that many women are jealous of me when I only receive compliments from men.
Why so much jealousy, it is my body that is so, nature has decided!

You’re the fly. She who puts the same questions many times in almost different forms.
Either you make a complex in relation to your sitting and under the pretext of asserting yourself by denigrating the others, you just need to reassure yourself.

I should have given you a rendezvous at the foot of the July column in the Place de la Bastille tomorrow at four o’clock to draw you, but at this moment I must write.

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